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I haven't really looked forward to E3 in many years, so I wasn't completely disappointed by what we've gotten so far.

Microsoft has always had disappointing conferences. For the last three years it has been all about Kinect, Halo, or 'guess what feature is coming to Xbox?' They haven't made much of a splash in anything. And the fact they haven't announced anything exclusive besides Halo and Gears, shows that the life of their console is already dead and it's time to introduce a new console. Smart Glass sounds very similar to features found already on Apple and Sony's devices , just on a larger scale because it isn't confined to Window' devices.

Nintendo, like always, presents hardware that is years outdated, but manages to present some new element of how games should be approached. I was so excited for the Wii, initially, but, like many, the years that followed its launch weren't exciting. I'd say the only games worth owning were first-party and even though they were only really good through one play through. But in regards to the Wii U, I think the gamepad controller is too large to fully enjoy playing anything that isn't a first-party exclusive (i.e. Mario, Metroid, and Zelda), but the alternative 'hardcore' controller aka Xbox 360 clone, looks like Nintendo's way of reassuring developer's they can make ports easily for its console. Additionally, the games and features shown off make it look simply like a Wii with HD graphics and new controller. The entire Mii interface has always annoyed me because clearly it's something appealing to children. The feature of sharing content from the controller to the tv is nothing new, it's called AirPlay in Apple' world, and Sony has been doing something similar with the PS3 and Vita. Finally, IGN has posted that it's expected to cost $383 in Japan, so we can expect something similar over here either $350 or $400. To me, that's not worth it when I can just wait a year or two for Microsoft and/or Sony to release their consoles. Oh, and rumors have it Nintendo is introducing another XL DS' device aka FUCK YOU NINTENDO FANS!

Sony, out of the three giants, is the only company I fear is in danger overall. And when I say danger I'm speaking in regards to becoming like Sega and stop making hardware and instead focus solely on software. The Vita, like it's older brother, isn't doing well and most likely won't do well over its life cycle. Fortunately, they did introduce some exclusives that look appealing--specially All Stars Battle Royale and Last of Us. There's still so much life in the PS3 that I would like them--similar to Microsoft--to just update the interface, get rid of the million updates, and focus on bringing more features. And please, for the love of God, fix the browser on the Playstation, it's terrible.

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