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About a Boy

Hugh Grant brought his flair for playing a shallow callow cad in Bridget Jones to a movie where he gets to be the focus of the show, instead of having to steal it from Zellweger and her spotty Brit accent. So here the ultimate douchebag bachelor Will Freeman (which can be rearranged to “Free will, man!”, to no one’s interest but my own trivial amusement) gets a crash course in growing up when he tries to plot his way into the panties of a hot single mom and finds himself the unwitting father figure of a precocious British kid, played by Nicholas Hoult, who I couldn’t believe was actually Beast in X-Men: First Class when I checked IMDB later. Christ they grow up fast, don’t they? Anyway, breezy hilarity and dramatic wit follow close behind as the two bond and find a much-needed friend in the other. It’s refreshing in the sense that given that scenario, you’d think you could see exactly where it’s going or what clichéd tricks it wants to spring in a corny third act, but apparently Nick Hornby – he who wrote the novel this is based on - don’t play that game, bro. But not just a boys club, Toni Collette and Rachel Weisz provide strong female supporting performances to round out a pitch-perfect cast. Also kinda cool to see Osha from Game of Thrones (Natalie Tena) show up in her first major screen role.

-> 8/10