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About a Boy

-> 8/10
Agreed. Its hard to believe this movie just turned 10. Definitely due for a rewatch.

MacGruber - 5/10

Will Forte tries.....very, very hard, but he has nothing on the true masters of spoof comedy: Mel Brooks and the Abrahams/Zucker/Zucker trio. In fact, he could have made a successful spoof if he didn't tack on and repeat countless below-the-belt jokes. And maybe add some imagination to the proceedings. I guess he thinks "Lets go pound some Cunth" is funny when you hear it twenty times. The only funny scenes involved Kristen Wiig. I counted 3. Missed opportunity.

28 Days Later (rewatch) - 8/10

Possibly the third time I've seen this since its release and holds up very well. Boyle's decision to shoot it on digital works in his favor as this alternate reality is quite horrifying. I appreciate how he focuses on the humanity in the story, spending ample time with our main characters who may not be talented wordsmiths or clever jokesters cooked up by an imaginative screenwriter. They're modest people you could meet just about anywhere. Most current filmmakers forget to develop their characters and they figure balls-to-the-wall action will divert attention spans the world over. This is yet another example of how important that development is. Those craftsmen do not realize their films will be long forgotten or widely disregarded in the years to come (coughDarkShadowsBattleshipSnowWhitecough).