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Firstly, I'm impressed with the lineup of producers that are behind this movie. Between all 4 of 'em, they've done quite a few interesting horrors/thrillers (The Grudge, The Ring 1 and 2, The Eye, Dark Water, Dark Shadows, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter). So as far as cinematography and production goes, I'm sure they'll do well with it...

Secondly, I'm very pessimistic on this actually working...mainly because there's bullying in it (and we all know how well that's going to be received in today's PC world....not at all), so that's probably going to foster a lot of opposition and protest. I see a possibility of two definite things: either that they're going to write the bullying out completely and make it all about Pennywise, or they're going to make it a period piece at a time when bullying was not so fought against.

Now that I think about it, I'm not so confident anymore...

shawn-o, I think a younger guy might be the way to go. I remember Wes Craven saying that they originally wanted an older guy for Freddy Kreuger, but Robert Englund worked out better because he had more energy and was able to withstand the makeup for longer and he was perfect for the sequels and blah blah blah...the point is that it worked out in the end with a younger guy. So I'm inclined to line up with that thought
I know what you're saying about a young actor, I just thought it would be tons creepier with an older guy in the clown make-up. However, I do understand that a younger actor maybe able to have more energy and take the makeup better.

I understand the world's stance on bullying these days, but I think it would do a great disservice to the film if they did not include it in some retrospect, as it is a very important element to the story.
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