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Surprised to see Prometheus do so well with its R-rating.
Ya know, despite my initial disappointment in it, it is still light years ahead of most recent sci- fi films and a welcome change of pace for an adult looking to be entertained but not dumbed down or bombarded with sophmoric humor. Because of that, I am keeping my fingers crossed that it does well...

If Fox (or any major studio for that matter) sees a 200 mil.+ R Rated film succeed, than there is a chance that they will stay the fuck out of filmmakers ways more often and take greater chances on franchises, instead of repackaging movies that were clearly intended to be rated R at one point into watered down, shoddily edited pieces of PG13 fluff. An R rating does not a good movie make, but it also never hinders a film. PG13 doesn't automatically mean good or bad, but it DOES usually mean way more money for the studios which in turn means it does occasionally hinder the quality of the final product because studio heads and sometimes even the filmmakers consciously write, shoot, and cut around the "guidelines" that the abominable MPAA has set in order to receive that coveted dollar sign known as the PG13.

But i digress as this is Joblo and I am amongst fellow schmoes, so who the hell am I tellin really? We've all known this for decades. Sorry for the rant. To summarize: I hope it succeeds.
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