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I was really trying not to watch this show because some of what I was hearing was that it was very "hipster centric". God knows I got enough of that living in New York for ten years. One of my friends decided to stop watching after the 3rd or 4th episode. I finally watched all 8 episodes (at the time), and it was painfully familiar in that it captures some specific parts of the insanity that is being in your twenties, out of college, in New York City. And while its a VERY specific type of New York experience it still manages to squeeze out very authentic female New York experiences. However there is a point where a LOT of the dialogue is teeth-grindingly annoying, which really reminds me of the type of girls like the ones of the show I've run into, and made me wonder how many times I indulged in that type of whining when I was that age (probably a lot) .

So I'm gonna keep watching.
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