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^Lazy Boy, that was probably my favorite line in the whole movie!

Whimsical, hilarious, and touching, Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom is just fun, majestic filmmaking at the center of its heartfelt core. It has the airiness of fun children’s films, the joyful chemistry in great romance films, and some great dry comedic bits that comes from the ensemble cast that Anderson has put together. Essentially, Moonrise Kingdom is a film that pretty much matches, and perhaps exceeds your expectations.

The film centers around two young, misunderstood outcasts (Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward) that meet, fall in love, and run away together; leading to their respective parents and caretakers to begin searching for them. The plot is fairly simple, but the themes of young love and misunderstood youth are handled excellently. The film is an adventure through and through; with Anderson editing and shooting the island setting with a classy eye, trimming the fat without cutting through the meat. Everything has a point, allowing each character, minor or major, to have some sort of arc that benefits the plot as a whole.

Gilman and Hayward are great as Sam and Suzy, respectively. They have such a natural aura that matches the mood that Anderson wants to convey in his films. They are shy, isolated, and slowly becoming used to the friendly, and possibly romantic counterparts. When the sparks begin to fly, it’s just so damn heartwarming that you’ll probably crack a smile and cheer on the inside when they become one step closer to being a couple. The rest of the supporting cast is excellent, with veteran actors knocking the dry humor out of the park. Edward Norton replaces his intensity that he’s mostly known for in his previous movies to bring bewilderedness to Scout Master Ward, Sam’s scoutmaster who begins to lead the charge to find Sam and Suzy. Bruce Willis uses his stern personality to great affect as Captain Sharp, Frances McDormand handles the weariness of Suzy’s mom Laura to great effect, and Bill Murray steals just about every scene he’s in as Suzy’s dad Walt.

There is just something just totally enriching and great about Moonrise Kingdom. It’s a film that knows exactly what it wants to be, and just completely rides along with gusto. It’s pure, fun, and makes the most of every minute that is put on screen. Anderson’s heart is entirely on his sleeve with this film, and that’s what makes a good film even greater.


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