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I think Peggy is one of the better characters on the show and one of the reasons why I'll stick around until it's finished its' run no matter what. Starting as a nervous secretary when the show started to where she is now. I just think it'll be really interesting to see where she ends up as time goes on in the show and whatever time period the show finishes in. I think they said they're doing like 1 or 2 more seasons right?
What if Don ended up working for Peggy? Something tells me that guy can't keep it up forever. I keep waiting for something to happen to him health-wise. They touched on it in one of the earlier seasons, a doctor giving him a warning, then I thought the tooth thing was kind of interesting. The guy has no interest whatsoever in his health and him getting back in shape at the pool was really just more about him keeping up his appearance.

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While probably true, I'd really rather not think of this show as a 'soap opera,' particularly since the term has come to be synonymous with 'shallow drama'... which this show is anything but.
It's for sure a soap opera, just a really, really good one of which there are few. You're thinking of daytime soaps.

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Well, when A. They are both up for the same Emmys every year and B. People look me in the face and tell me that Mad Menthe best drama on tv, not only do I take particular offense, but I also, naturally, draw comparisons.

I know it's a soap opera, I know that it's not gonna have any real action, but I just can't bring myself to care about most of these people. Most all of them are pretty awful (some more than others) and while everyone was not particularly awful as usual this season, I still couldn't bring myself to give a shit.

I won't say that it's a bad show, 'cuz it's not. It's got a great cast, it's well written (most times) and it looks gorgeous. However, the fact that a soap opera can take the Emmy for "Best Drama" 4 years in a row is just absurd to me.

Drama: These fuckin' Madison Avenue pansies don't even know the meaning of the word.[/img]
Yeah, but I've only just started watching The Wire (at the end of S3 currently), and you could say everything the same with that show. These aren't sports teams. They're works of art. The fact that they put them in competition is flawed to begin with, so to compare a droll soap about ad execs in 1960s Manhattan to a violent portrayal of modern drug trade in the Southwest U.S. because they are both labeled as dramas instead of comedies or musicals...

Fuck the Emmys. Those bastards are responsible for Philip Michael Thomas doing infomercials.
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