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Well, I think the term in the pejorative sense applies to a lot of prime time dramas these days as well (see Desperate Housewives, The O.C., Gossip Girl, Revenge, etc.). It's either that or the standard order legal/medical/law enforcement drama. Is it any wonder I watch very little TV anymore? : ?

I get where you're coming from. It's like saying "mindless blockbuster" in a way. In general labels are silly when you are talking about this stuff. I only used the word to emphasize the contrast with Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Generally speaking, I wouldn't call it a soap. In all realness, most of the best shows on TV from the 2000s onward have elements of the defining qualities of soap operas, and that includes Breaking Bad. Mad Men just happens to be much more rooted in the drama than a show like Breaking Bad, which is very heavy on action and even crime procedural.

Mad Men, I think, goes much deeper into the characters. Mad Men dives far into many characters, whereas Breaking Bad seems to be about the things that tie many characters together, while diving deep into just a few of them. It's about the action. The Emmys really should have an action category. To break everything down into drama and comedy is pretty silly. Adding categories for sci-fi, action and more would really give so many shows the acclaim that they deserve.
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