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I'm sorry but 99% of the sage-like advice offered in this thread has been absolutely fucking horrible.

adamjohnson and jolanar give the soundest and most sensible advice by far...but I advise you to take pretty much everything Erroneous says with a massive pinch of salt. DON'T fuck her to get revenge and DON'T make the vile assumption that all females are "jealous by nature" because it's offensive and untrue.

I will defend your ex to a degree because you're both young and I don't think there was a great deal of malice behind her intentions. I think she was probably trying to spare your feelings, but in doing so she has just confused you and ultimately prolonged the heartache.

I do agree that you should sever all ties for now...BRIEFLY explain to her that you need time to heal emotionally and the least she could do is respect that and leave you alone.

Go out and have fun with your friends and conversations with strangers. Dance and drink and have sex if it feels right but ignore this...

...because this is one of the most idiotic things I've ever read in all my years on the forum. Unless Preston_79 is just channeling Frank T.J. Mackey for the lols.
All due respect...... you are a woman and have no idea what the heck you are talking about. Preston is 100% right. I am 100% right. And that is not what I said.

This is what I said
Maybe she comes back, but even if she does, fuck her. Litterally, fuck her and that is it. You have to play games with her and just use her for sex and that is it. You will have to make her earn it all back. /
No where did I say "revenge". My point is he should not look to date her if she comes back and just have casual sex.

You are looking at things from her point of view like a liberal. He should listen to real men and act like a real man. I know it is not popular in today's world to say or act like that, but men need to start telling liberals to fuck off and start acting like men. He is acting on all these liberal ideas and they have not served him well. He seems like a real smart guy and has a good future ahead of him. He just needs to man up more and forget about this chick who fucked up

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