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We've got enough pretty solid scientific evidence to suggest that if you've set up your cognitive conceptual apparatus in the way you suggest you have, your brain will basically pit apart all experience with that unidimensional and dichotomous standard; all your brain is going to do is pretty much filter your experience through an emotional response system that runs: Mad Men -> Bad; Breaking Bad -> Good.

I mean there was about as much point in you watching this show as there is in a Communist going to a Libertarian rally.
Wow, really? That argument is just one notch below, "I guess you just don't get it..."

Anyway, I call bullshit, 'cuz I watched The Wire long after I was a huge BrBa fan and was equally expecting it to not meet expectations, but not only was it better, but The Wire is so head-and-shoulders above every other show, I don't even compare it to anything else.

So no, I gave this show a fair shot. I had watched seasons 1-4, then decided to watch 5 to see if it would get any better after the long break. I really was enjoying it going into the 2nd season, but I think I was more inspired by the potential, most all of which has been squandered. They could have done so much in terms of cultural significance of the era, but instead, our focus is the boring dynamic of these wasps.

I can only watch white people be passive aggressive to eachother for so many hours before I need to change the channel in search of actual entertainment.

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Yeah, but I've only just started watching The Wire (at the end of S3 currently), and you could say everything the same with that show. These aren't sports teams. They're works of art. The fact that they put them in competition is flawed to begin with, so to compare a droll soap about ad execs in 1960s Manhattan to a violent portrayal of modern drug trade in the Southwest U.S. because they are both labeled as dramas instead of comedies or musicals...

Fuck the Emmys. Those bastards are responsible for Philip Michael Thomas doing infomercials.
Well, you COULD say that about the show, but you'd be WRONG haha. Sure, in the grand scheme of things, yes, the status quo maintains, but that's one of the key themes of the story. Maybe I'm just missing something with Mad Men, but it's not entertainment for me...

As far as the Emmy's, I don't put too much faith in them (unless I wanna use it to back an actor/show I like), my beef as more to do with the people I know who praise Mad Men and, in a lot of cases, never even gave BrBa a chance. Who's the real snob, I wonder...

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