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Wow, really? That argument is just one notch below, "I guess you just don't get it..."

Anyway, I call bullshit, 'cuz I watched The Wire long after I was a huge BrBa fan and was equally expecting it to not meet expectations, but not only was it better, but The Wire is so head-and-shoulders above every other show, I don't even compare it to anything else.

So no, I gave this show a fair shot. I had watched seasons 1-4, then decided to watch 5 to see if it would get any better after the long break. I really was enjoying it going into the 2nd season, but I think I was more inspired by the potential, most all of which has been squandered. They could have done so much in terms of cultural significance of the era, but instead, our focus is the boring dynamic of these wasps.
It's not an argument. I'm not arguing that you should like Mad Men or anything of that sort. I much prefer Breaking Bad. If you were "not expecting it to meet expectations" that's one thing, but you suggested that the point of your watching it was basically just to confirm that it wasn't as good. And all the science we have pretty much confirms you're going to hate the shit out of it if you do that.
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