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society has told us we're to be married young, but these are archaic laws. More than half the people that do get married end up divorced, and more than that are generally unhappy.

My point is, don't let the jealousy, the pain, the lonliness, all of the bad stuff youre feeling, poison what at one point made you happy. Eventually youll come to enjoy the good memories, but not if you twist them into negative ones.

You may not realize this, but youre only a baby still. You and her met, and for a while, it was good. But people grow up, get interested in different things, and just grow apart. Not just in relationships, but as parents, children, sisters/brothers, friends. How many of your high school friendships are still the same?? None, I'd bet. Middle school? Forget it.

This is life. Life goes on, seasons change.

Growing up is hard, and it usually involves having your heart broken a few times.
Yes there is alot of divorces but there are some couples who do last the distance
it is because they talk to each other when there are problems and sort it out
Alot of couples have money problems and buy right out of there reach and l can say this can cause alot of heartache in marriage because they cant get out of debt

There can be many ways why marriage doesnt work
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