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It's currently streaming for free on iTunes.

Like you, I loved everything up to "Zeitgeist" (which I thought was dreadful aside from a couple songs), and the "Teargarden" stuff was.....hit-or-miss, to be nice about it.

It has been my opinion that if Corgan doesn't hit it out of the park with "Oceania", he may as well give it up. In other words, this may be his last chance.

Sooooo.....after hearing "Oceania" about twice through now....I'm gonna say it's a BIG improvement over "Zeitgeist" and "Teargarden"....but not exactly a home-run. The first half really rocks - it's straight-up psychedelic rock, a little "Gish"-ish....while the rest of it is very mellow and lovey-dovey, almost like a more acoustic, less electronic "Adore".

It's a long album, and there's a lot to digest. I haven't heard it enough times to have a solid opinion yet, but I can tell you it's a solid effort, and the closest to the REAL Smashing Pumpkins we've heard in a looong time. Curiously, it isn't very commercial at all. There aren't any songs that immediately scream "hit single"...certainly no "Today" or "Bullet With Butterfly Wings"...hell, not even an "Ava Adore"....but that doesn't really bother me. I don't think that's what Corgan was going for this time.
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