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Well, you COULD say that about the show, but you'd be WRONG haha. Sure, in the grand scheme of things, yes, the status quo maintains, but that's one of the key themes of the story. Maybe I'm just missing something with Mad Men, but it's not entertainment for me...

As far as the Emmy's, I don't put too much faith in them (unless I wanna use it to back an actor/show I like), my beef as more to do with the people I know who praise Mad Men and, in a lot of cases, never even gave BrBa a chance. Who's the real snob, I wonder...
Nah, I mean The Wire got shafted at the Emmy Awards the same way Breaking Bad did, so you could apply the same reasoning to compare it to Mad Men. That doesn't mean The Wire and Mad Men are comparable shows except in the eyes of the Emmys.

In terms of it seeming silly to compare shows on that basis, Breaking Bad has won more Emmys than The Wire. That doesn't make Breaking Bad better, so why use that reasoning to see if Mad Men is better, especially when it has matter that doesn't appeal to you? Fuck, I'm pretty sure Desperate Housewives has won more awards than all three shows combined, maybe not. Either way, do you need to watch Desperate Housewives to see if you're going to like it as much as The Wire or Breaking Bad? Can't you just assume, even if you know people who love DH, that you're not going to like a soap about suburban housewives as much as action/procedural crime shows? Don't you think it seems silly to compare Desperate Housewives to The Wire?

I just tend to watch what I want to watch, but at the same time I always tend to be behind and catching up on seeing good shows. So with all that I've said, I think it just comes down to you being more in the loop than I am. I'm probably having a luxury of being more selective with what I watch. (says the guy who knows who Dixon Wilson is.)
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