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I do think the second season did not quite have the impact the first did, maybe that was simply because we were all so wowed by the first. Plus the scope of the second book is just so massive.

But I have to nitpick about a few things. Mainly because they are so simple and its hard to see how they could overlook them.

Not sure these are really spoilers but better safe than sorry.

What happened to the Hounds white cloak, if I remember right he wore it basically to piss off the other Kings Gaurd.

Why is Lightbringer dark. It is one of the main reasons people follow Stannis and the new God, but other than when he pulls it from the flames its simply a sword. Spend 10 bucks on a CGI intern to make it glow.

Why did they make Arya a pussy, she has a great mouse to wolf story arc and she herself kills the last guard before they escape, and where is the coin, that is a MAJOR plot point.

Why have we not seen Varys in disguise, that was one of the best parts about him in the books.

Can't wait for the next season and hopefully they can flesh it out a bit with more time and more money. This story deserves what it is getting.

Having just reread Clash of Kings (wanted to refresh my memory), I'm honestly fine with the changes they made to Arya's storyline. Her storyline in books 1 and 3 are great, but book two was a disappointment as far as she was concerned. Her chapters felt way too stagnant to me and even she admits that
she wasted her first two names on inconsequential people
. Plus, having her interact with Tywin Lannister was far more interesting than her
removing leeches from Roose Bolton

As far as Season 2 goes, I really liked it. Not quite as much as Season 1, but that's mainly because (aside from the Battle of the Blackwater) the second book was weaker than the first (with A Storm of Swords being the strongest so far in the series). The only thing that bugs me still is what happened with Theon.
I realize they haven't cast Bolton's bastard son yet (though they are apparently in the process of doing so now), but to have references to him with no payoff, even just someone in Bolton armor capturing Theon just bugs for some reason
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