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Just got done listening to this one. Out of 13 songs, I enjoyed 7 of them. I like some the ethereal sounds and a coupla songs are reminiscent of their "Gish" days. But the other 6 just sounded too similar to one another or repetitive or there was just something about them annoyed the shit outta me. Having said that, here's the tracks I liked the best:

-Violet Rays (Best song on the whole album, fucking loved this one!)
-My Love is Winter
-Pale Horse
-The Chimera

So yeah, not too bad. I'm glad Billy & the new lineup decided to go back to releasing a traditional album as well. I've enjoyed songs from their sporadic "Teargarden by Kaleidoscope" drawn out project, but most have been more misses than hits.

Though I've gotta say that Zeitgeist is a better/more enjoyable album, I DO like where the Pumpkins are headed moving forward with this latest effort, for the most part. Check it out if you're an SP fan!
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