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Old 06-16-2012, 03:49 PM
Well I got a Phillips Blu Ray player as an early birthday gift. It costed 59 bucks or so. So will it be alright to play. Phillips BDP2900 it is-so will it be alright to play new blu ray movies. I mean I bought Camp Nowhere and that played quite well and fast. I mean its a new blu ray player-first one to be exact and camp nowhere is a classic movie. Also its hooked up to my tv and whatnot and I tested it with a dvd and it played the movie well. And I checked blu ray also plays normally.

So will new films be alright to play on it? I plan to buy the Lorax in August in the blu-ray/dvd combo pack. Also Project X maybe too if I got some left over cash from the state fair.
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