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Old 06-17-2012, 12:29 AM
I wonder. I don't have money for a WIFI USB adapter since their pricy-So what if persay if I used a LAN port cable from my desktop to plug into the back of the blu ray player just to upgrade the software after setting up internet connection. Think that would do the trick? I mean it should work considering it is hooked up to the internet and i don't use my desktop much except just to print out stuff or schoolwork and its the summer time.

So if by using a wired connection like the one I got plugged into my desktop which is connected to a router-I can access the internet for just awhile there to set up a connection and then upgrade my software for the Blu ray player. I mean its much cheaper that way than just having to go out and buy a new Lan port cable. I mean hey it saves money and it helps upgrade my blu ray player when it needs updating-SO everybody wins.
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