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I agree that Seeking a Friend looks like the best of the bunch next week, but Focus is dumping it in a measly 1400 theatres. I don't necessarily think it will be a bad movie because of that, but it's a weird release date for this kind of movie (an R-rated dramedy) and Focus is quite terrible at marketing, distributing and generating buzz for movies. I appreciate that they take smaller movies on, but when they have a potential success like this, they seem to never know what to do with it.

I think Brave is going to be one of Pixar's least financially successful films. The marketing has been all over the place and the reviews have universally stated that "it's OK, but one of Pixar's weaker efforts". I even heard one critic say that they saw Brave and That's My Boy back-to-back and actually enjoyed That's My Boy more. This isn't a critic that is easy on films either. It'll be more of an overseas success, if it is successful at all.

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