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I am not keen on any of Lohan's prior media hype before "Freaky Friday" and certainly not any of the hype when "The Parent Trap" remake was released. As far as I know, there was nothing big about her when "Freaky Friday" came out. Saw that and enjoyed it. And almost immediately after that movie, everything changed and she transformed into a hideous, horrible monster. She might be a nice person off-camera, but the images presented of her in the media are difficult to ignore. She was finally of age, did a big movie, and everything that can change a person for the worse was dropped onto her lap. All the stories about drugs and alcohol. And apparently, like a lot of celebrities, she doesn't know how to drive. And like some female celebrities, she has forgotten to wear her under garments in public. Ugh. She was kind of hot in "Freaky Friday." Too bad she isn't anymore, outside and allegedly inside.

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