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Chris hemsworth Credits family For success

Well it is nice that some movies stars who make it huge credit there familys for there rise to fame

I seen a interveiw on Sunrise which is a aussie show and he is amzed how far he has come

plus he is still down to earth which is great

He grew up in a town called Phiilip isand which is only around a hour from where l live

he has decided to bring his wife and baby back to Aus so the rest of the family can meet her

also his oldest brother is starring in a series called Bikie Wars and l never knew that all three brothers were into acting

Chris hemsworth didnt coment much at all on his brother liam who is engaged to Miley

So maybe he doesnt think that that relationship might not last

Anyway it is amznig that Chris started out on a local show called Home And away and look where he is now

Oh and here is todays interview which was on Sunrise

Chris was talking about the new movie Snow White and the huntsman plus he talks about family and how he is happy that he is back In Australia

i hope you enjoy this interveiw

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