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Try wit it...I hope this helps: Police interview questions
Wow...way to bump this 8 year old thread to answer an 8 year old question. First post, nonetheless.

Since it's bumped, I shall rescue it and say that Vanessa & Kobe are working things out...which is strange to me, because:

1. She filed for divorce immediately 10 years after their initial nuptials. She could've walked away with more than half of Kobe's estate, in her name.

2. He f*cked a white girl in the ass.

But they are reconciling their differences after she filed for divorce...

I'm assuming Vanessa is taking the high road on this one...sending the message that she won't put up with it again, and she can take all his $$ if she desires to. I do believe Kobe has been "relatively" monogamous since this incident.

Bump of the year award.


Upon further self-reflection I have come to the conclusion that me and the poster above me have fallen for a spam poster and this is indeed not an act of an imbecile, but rather I am the imbecile (and to a lesser extent, the poster above me) for not catching and ignoring this post in the first place.

Carry on.

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