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Glad to see that others enjoyed it as well. It's not top level stuff, but it's something I look forward to every Sunday. It has such a great atmosphere, solid acting, some good character moments, and a plot that is intriguing even if it is frustrating at times. I'd say it's on par with The Walking Dead, honestly. The narrative may not be as strong, but I think the character writing is better.

And honestly, it's worth watching for the Holder/Linden interaction alone. Joel Kinnaman has a very bright future ahead of him.

Here are some of my favorite Holder lines:

Linden: Is that bacon?
Holder: Naw, this is ham, eggs, and sausage
Linden: What happened to your whole lacto-, ovo- vegan thing?
Holder: Nothin'. I'm just ready to embrace meat again.

Holder: Yo Liden, did you hit that? Call 1-900-Linden for action!
Linden: That's not even enough numbers

Holder: Oh snap! Linden rocked the booty call.

Holder: I hope some old lady gets robbed right now and no one responds.

Eaton: I'll have you shoveling reindeer shit at the Christmas parade.
Holder: They're not really reindeer, they're huskies with antlers.
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