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Quick rundown of my view of Wahlberg...

When I was a sophmore in highschool I remember laughing my ass off when I heard Donnie Wahlbergs little brother was gonna put out a hip hop album... as much as I wanted to hate them, I really enjoyed the 2 singles he put out. Over the next couple of years I dont remember much except for it seemed everytime I saw him on MTV he was only in his underwear. One night my dad rented Renaissance Man and I noticed him in it, and was impressed that he wasnt a bad actor. I watched fear because of Allyssa Millano, and Wahlberg blew me away playing a very impressive psycho bully type. I was impressed by Boogie Nights just like the rest of the world. String of good movies with Clooney... Planet of the Apes came out and I hated it... I never really blamed it on him... as I dont think any actor could have saved that one. I however loved Rockstar, though many seemed to not. Since I never played the video game I enjoyed Max Payne very much, tho everyone who loved the game hated the movie, so I always wondered if they had called it something else if it would have had a different outcome. I also liked the happening, though I seen all the flaws, I still enjoyed it. There are many other excellent films hes in, I just skimmed the top, but I will end it with The Other Guys... one of the most underrated comedies ever... I have watched it so many times and I crack up everytime...
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