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ABSENTIA (2011) Directed by Mike Flanagan. Innovative, intelligent, baffling little indie psychothriller centering around a seemingly widowed pregnant Los Angeles suburbanite (Courtney Bell) who reconnects with her troubled younger sister (Katie Parker in a star-making role) as she legally declares her long-missing husband deceased (hence the title) while embarking on a new relationship with the missing persons detective (and father of her unborn child) assigned to said dead spouse’s cold case. Supernatural events, most prominently the specter and “resurrection” of the departed title character, plague the estranged siblings who discover that his vanishing act is linked to a neighborhood tunnel that holds a historical significance to several other lost souls connected to the movie's central mystery. Downbeat, challenging, mind-bending horror movie that leaves the viewer wanting more as there are no easy answers in the bewildering finale! Katie Parker’s superb performance as the younger sister who investigates the mysterious goings-on ranks right up there with similar female siblings in the genre who “take over” the film like Vera Miles in PSYCHO and Rose McIver in THE LOVELY BONES! She’s that good! Watch your back, Jennifer Lawrence! This chick’s a keeper! My grade: an A for ABSENTIA!
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