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This may have been true at one point, but it's no longer valid in my mind since television has, in many ways, actually gotten better than movies.

I'm still primarily a movie guy. Always will be. But you can't deny that television has gotten so great that these days. Why do you think so many high profile writers, directors and actors are doing more and more television these days?
Also add Julia Louis Dreyfuss and Bryan Cranston to the list of A list tv stars.

I think the quality of t.v shows have increased, better better than movies??? No way.

Actos who are established film actors do t.v shows for different reasons. Jason Lee said he did My Name is Earl so he wouldn't have to worry about making money and do movies that he liked. Alec Baldwin said the reason he is on 30 Rock is because when a movie comes out sometimes no one sees it. With a t,v show at least 10 million people will be watching.

Some actors just don't get the roles they want and feel t.v is the way to go. There are many actors on t.v shows that don't need to be on them. But for some it is their lats chance. Hell Robert Downey Jr had a stint on Ally McBeal.
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