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New Site Look

Hey guys didn't find any threads about this so here goes.

I know that websites are ever evolving and basically you have to move or die, sort of like sharks.

But I have to say that I am not digging the new movies news format.

I cruise this site daily, hell multiple times a day, and normally I just jump to the news section completely skipping home page, etc.

The reason I did this was that you have only 2 or 3 stories highlighted, flash fashion on the home page. I like to be able to get a look at all the headlines fast and pick and choose my stories.

Now you have basically made the news section all about large blocks or pictures and text leaving only room enough for about 5 stories before you have to hit the older stories tab.

The nice little convenient index of the headlines on the left side is gone.

I know its just a minor thing but it will make surfing your site a bit more difficult, it was nice to have a nice index of stories to look at. I am all about the bling but in this case the bling is pushing out the content.

Hey just my two cents.

Love the site and I am not going anywhere.


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