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Hey guys, does anyone else have a problem with the huge ad at the top covering the whole top page?? The site has a new look and navigation so I have no idea how to get where I need to go because of this ad hovering over the top of the page. HELP

I haven't had much time to check out the new site (mainly because of this ad) but so far I don't know if it's executed well. It looks nice and, lets say it, touch friendly, but I feel it's jumbled with no real order. I visit this site about 5 times a day if not more. I don't care about real news, I care about movie news. If the site becomes to hard to navigate I'll just go over to slash film..

(PS- what I jsut realized is that i've stumbled upon this stupid ad about 8 times now, and every time I have NO IDEA what the ad was. INTERNET ADS DON'T WORK)

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