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Dear Pixar,

Brave looks fantastic but that's where the good in this tale ends and the bad begins. The film itself is unBEARably mediocre and predictable. Also, great job hiding an overused and dumb story mechanic in all of your advertising. By the time you attempted to display any type of emotion, I was already ahead of you in the story and could have cared less. I ask you to please return to your top form with such greatness as Wall-E, Up, and Toy Story. Something tells me that I'll have to wait at least two years for that as next summer you shall release Monsters University, which I can only see as another toy/product machine a la Cars & Cars 2.

Sincerely, A guy who knows you can do better.

P.S. It's a BEAR Necessity that you listen to my advice.

My Rating: 5/10.
Dear Guy who knows we can do better,
We are owned by Disney now and they do not care about quality anymore. They only care about money. If Brave makes a lot of money both on the movie and other after movie stuff, you can bet your ass we are going to continue to make movies like this. We are all about the money and I like cashing fat checks.
Pixar Films
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