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Old 06-22-2012, 10:24 AM
Yeah, I've also had trouble with these advertisements. I honestly thought I was the only one (my computer has a tendency to load some things glitchy), but the ads are huge, and I can't collapse them or click anything which they obscure. I think that the side bar with the News should have been kept. It was a great website feature that (in my opinion) defined the layout of this website. I'm all for change, but this latest update is just embarrassing.

I don't mean to just criticize, especially as I've taken a course in web design and know how difficult it can be, but I care a heck of a lot about this site and I hate to see it in such a condition.

EDIT: On a more positive note, the updates to the Strike Back comment box are very convenient, and I like the Related Articles underneath the main article that is being read.

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