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Old 06-23-2012, 12:58 AM
I know there are bombardments of "nays" when a new layout is presented.
I rarely make comments about the changes, because they usually grow on me and/or get a little fixed up over time.

- At the bottom on "Latest Movie News Headlines" I click "More Stories" and the screen refreshes with the same stories listed and the same articles ordered on top.
Maybe it's a bug? If you need more info than that I'm using Firefix 13.0.1, let me know.

I missed the headlines list, but the straight link to "" was a great help. Thanks for the head's up

- Every time I come back to the site, I have to log in again. No biggie, but another FYI.

- I don't use FB much, nor do I have any accounts with Twitter, MySpace, LikeIt, Tweetfacer, PopuList or whatever those sites are on the side, scrolling me and following me like an eyesore. Could we eliminate and/or minimize that scrolling sidebar when reading articles?

Other than that... I'm loyal and won't badmouth or anything. It's possible that in a week or two I might not mind any of this. Well, that scrolling sidebar will get to me every single time.

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