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1) I already responded to the "I don't see enough headlines" issue above. There are VARIOUS WAYS to get your headlines now. Just choose a new one you like and everybody's happy. Oh, I forgot to mention that below each article we have now added PREVIOUS/NEXT links which make it easier to click to the PREVIOUS/NEXT STORY or right below that, the 10 latest headlines, with easy access. We realize this is a little "different" but you guys DO visit other sites/blogs, right? We're actually not that different from any of them now. Not sure why all the fuss.

2) The slowness was due to server issues on day 1 of the deployment which is EXTREMELY NORMAL. It took us a few hours to "adjust" to the new conditions and now the news sections load faster than they did before (this is a FACT here, I'm not talking out of my ass). We ran a battery of "speed tests" on these things, we've been working on these templates for months.

3) The "ad issue" was another big BUG from day#1 that has since been resolved. Obviously you are not a computer programmer because most everyone in this business knows that you will ALWAYS HAVE BUGS when re-launching a site of this magnitude. We worked out all of the big ones but plenty still remain, which we will continue to work on next week, but you guys REALLY need to cut us a little slack. How much are you guys paying to enjoy our content again? Sorry, but it's difficult to hear so many people shitting on our hard work when they're getting it all for FREE.

Like I told the dude guys need to RELAX for a few days, let us work out all the kinks and TRY (is that too much to ask) and see if the changes can work for you, after a few days (not after 2-3 hours after launch).
Hey, I personally apologize, I didn't mean to come off as negative as my rant perceived me to be. I just wanted to help out with the issues that myself and other members were experiencing. I did however go to college for Graphic Art and Design, so I do design websites, and I understand there are bugs, but I also try to weed the majority of the ones out that effect the functionality of the site, before I present it. That's all, no harm, no foul. I am definitely not against change, and I wish for the site to continue to evolve and change. And I really don't believe any users are going to be leaving the site over the changes, I believe we all just want the best for it, much like you and the rest of the staff.
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