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JoBlo doesn't understand that there are MANY similar sites (that are also free) that don't talk down to their fans. WE HAVE OPTIONS. We don't need to visit this website. We WANT to, and if some of us offer constructive criticism, it's because we want this site to SUCCEED.

JoBlo, if we're in the wrong, you can explain things without sounding like a dickhole. You seriously need to change the way you respond to CONSTRUCTIVE (all of the feedback in this thread has been constructive) criticism. If you "don't get" why your fanbase seems entitled at times, you need to remove yourself from the Internet. Consumers (that's us, the people that give you page views) have the upper hand. This is the age of immediate gratification. The more times we have to click to get the information we want, the less desirable your website is to the MAJORITY of Internet users.

Again, try not to condescend to the folks who have allowed you to quit your "real job" so that you can be a full-time online personality. This site may be free, but some of us have shopped through your links, purchased your merchandise and even bought your book. We should get a say every now and then.
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