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Where did I say I don't like him? You left out his huge list of bad films.
I have seen many of his movies in the theater. I like the guy. He seems like a cool and geniune person. I loved Entourage and he was the producer (snl joke). I liked many of the movies he was in too. But he is not a great actor by any means.

The Big Hit
The Yards
The Perfect Storm
Planet of the Apes
Rock Star
The Truth About Charlie
Four Brothers
We Own the Night
The Happening
Max Payne
The Lovely Bones
The Others Guys'

That's a lot of bad movies right there. And that is only in the last 15 years. He has years more to keep pumping them out. One thing he is not is a lazy ass. I respect that. I don't think he is funny either. He should stay out of comedies. He is not Robert Deniro
The Yards, A perfect Storm, The other guys, Rock star and four brothers are good movies. Maybe it is a matter of your taste (which might be questionable).
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