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A JoBlo response, I am not worthy

Originally Posted by But if you insist on seeing all of the NEWS HEADLINES in one shot....well, go to the main page ([url[/url]), click on the JOBLO TAB on the right, bookmark it for yourself and you'll be able to see/click any of 30-35 of the latest JOBLO headlines without any clicking at all!
Okay thanks for that pro tip, I would have never figured that out myself. I know, I know its on the right side but I can handle that.

And honestly I don't surf any other blogs or movie sites, maybe I am just boring but JoBlo is it for me, when you find the best why bother with other sites.

And having designed websites for myself as well as others I totally know what it can feel like when people criticize. But its just because we love!

Keep up the good (and hard work) and we will keep surfin, we have the easy job.

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