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Hey, I personally apologize, I didn't mean to come off as negative as my rant perceived me to be. I just wanted to help out with the issues that myself and other members were experiencing. I did however go to college for Graphic Art and Design, so I do design websites, and I understand there are bugs, but I also try to weed the majority of the ones out that effect the functionality of the site, before I present it. That's all, no harm, no foul. I am definitely not against change, and I wish for the site to continue to evolve and change. And I really don't believe any users are going to be leaving the site over the changes, I believe we all just want the best for it, much like you and the rest of the staff.
Okay, thanks. That said, you don't think we "worked out the majority of bugs" before we presented it? Maybe you will learn this more once you're "in the field" of computer programming, but we spent the last 2-3 weeks working on all BUGS before presenting it. But no matter how many bugs you fix when a site is NOT LIVE, once you go LIVE and the traffic hits the pages, and the "live links" start to work, TONS of shit comes out of the woodwork.

We expected that, so it's nothing unusual, but we're also on top of everything (currently, we have a list of approximately 50 bugs yet to be fixed) and hope to have them all resolved by the end of next week.

Again, we appreciate members posting BUGS in here (we just added the one about getting LOGGED OUT of the forums when accessing the site to our list), but would also appreciate a little more PATIENCE and UNDERSTANDING during this process.
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