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First off I have to say that I have been getting my news almost exclusively from Joblo for close to 10 years. There have been several iterations of this site, some good, some not. We learn how to use the newest features with time, and patience. That being said I have to say that this is probably the worst layout this site has seen. It's been making me venture off to get news from other sites. I don't like that, I want to be a Joblo reader. The design is very cluttered, and it is difficult to figure out where I am supposed to look. The direction the design has taken is definitely new and bold, albeit clunky and confusing. I think sometime fewer options are the best course of action. I love the site, love the style of the articles, love the reporters, the posters, the identity that is "Joblo", I do not however love this new design.

Just my 2 cents. I don't contribute often, but when I do, it's to complain. Thanks for listening.
Thanks for your feedback, especially the preface about being a "grizzled ancient" because that is telling as well. I'm not sure how many other websites you visit, but our looks is pretty much EXACTLY like many of the top sites/blogs in the world these days, so I'm not sure where you think it's cluttered and clunky, etc...?

It's DIFFERENT from before, that is granted, but at the same time, changes takes TIME to adapt, so maybe you can wait a week, use the new site a little and see if get used to it? It's really NOT that difficult, I assure you.

If you liked everything else about the site, ALL THAT remains the same! All we've really changes is the "look" of the site and some navigation, but even then, there are many NEW OPTIONS that we're there before, so maybe you just need to get used to it.

I encourage all "grizzled ancients" not to give up on the site (and change in general) so quickly. We've thankfully been receiving a LOT of praise from competitor sites and shmoes alike about the blazing new look, but at the same time, I'm not going to discount all the 'old timers' comments, but you need to realize that we will ALWAYS BE CHANGING with the times, so that will never change.
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