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As some have pointed out, every other movie site is free as well. Though very few talk down to its fans like you do. Being "FREE" on the internet is a moot point and doesn't make a website special.

No one is shitting on your hard work. Everyone here praises this site's content, but right now some aren't too happy with the new layout.

You get way too offensive over anyone saying anything remotely negative about your site, even when it is constructive criticism. This isn't the only time you've acted in this manner either. Which is odd considering how much bashes filmmakers, actors, and other people who work just as hard if not harder than you do. Can dish it out but can't take it? If you want to be an ass to your fanbase then you'll do far more damage than a poorly designed layout ever will.
I love how you guys apparently have the right to "dish it out" but I don't? Like wow. Nice double-standard there.

Again, this forum is open for this sort of thing. My email address is there for a reason and I respond to everyone, but just because I disagree with YOU, doesn't make me a dick. It all depends on where you're standing in life.

I can tell you that many of our writers/programmers don't think too highly of many in this thread who threaten to abandon the site because of changes they don't like. That's their point of view.

I also have a point of view and I'm stating it here. Other webmasters or new corporate site give you a form to fill out and MAYBE one day, if someone feels like it, they will respond back to you, but generally they don't.

So even though we're giving you all this forum and listening to your feedback AND you're shitting more on me personally because you don't like "the way" I'm responding?

Wow, just wow.

I'm not gonna close this thread, but I don't like the tone of the last few posts in here and if all you're going to do is bust my balls over the fact that you don't appreciate the way I've reacted to some of the negative comments and threats in here, this thread will be closed and a new one will be opened called BUGS in which we'd ask members to post their BUGS because this is turning into a personal thing now, and that's not what this is about.
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