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Underrated actors and actresses

Who does everyone think is underrated?

Matthew Broderick: How could Ferris Bueller be underrated? He just is. Every role he is in he brings a quirkiness to that character and is so real with it. He is a great actor.

Catherine Zeta Jones: She has won an academy award. I feel as of late she has gone unnoticed. She is a great actress and is always good in her roles.

John C. Reilly: A younger audience (including myself) knows him more for Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox story, Talladega Nights the ballad of Ricky Bobby, Step Brothers and etc. But he is also a great dramatic actor. He has been in films like Magnolia, Boogie Nights, Gangs in New York, Aviator among some dramas. He is a great character actor.

Julia Louis Dreyfuss: She truly is a comic genius. She brings warmth to her role unlike most do. I know people who have worked with her as extras on veep. They say she is as focused as anyone.

Bryan Cranston: He is putting together quite a film career now and is being seen differently on t.v from the funny dad on Malcolm in the middle to a meth dealer in breaking bad.

Ellen Page: Aside from Juno when she got an academy award nomination not much talk about her.

Joesph Gordon Levitt: Very talented actor. Can do comedy and drama very well. He was great in 500 days of Summer and 50/50. Yet not on everyone's radar.

Anna Kendrick: Same as Ellen Page. Aside from Up in the Air for which she got an academy award nomination for, not much talk about her.
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