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While I don't defend Obama's lack of action on a number of issues, I don't feel I'm apologizing for him when I say that he's dealing with more upheaval and sabotage from his opposition than any other president in recent history.
Also, this is probably the most obvious reason why I feel the pure hatred I see and hear a lot of people spewing at Obama is wildly misguided. W. was arguably THE worst President in American history, and although he too recieved much misguided hate at times, by the end of it all it was obvious he had never been fit for the Presidency.

So regardless of what really goes on behind closed doors as far as party relations or how out of control that aspect has become, let's pretend for a minute that the government has been 100% honest about the way the system works. The fact that people could be ignorant enough to want to put a Rep. back in office after the disaster of an 8 years we had prior to Obama, with a President who was almost UNIVERSALLY hated is absolute insanity. At least give the man 2 terms to get something done, the Reps had 8 years to bury us, it's only fair right? And that's only if you believe everything you're told! If you open you're eyes a little it all just gets way too ridiculous

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