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There are a lot of movies in which I reply in my mind with the following statement, but don't bother posting about. One that sticks out is "Domino" from 2005. Gosh, that looked awful. Well, this is one more movie in which it needs to be said once again. And here it goes.

"Savages" looks fucking retarded.

This is from the same guy who who directed "Platoon," "Wall Street" and an impossibly acceptable sequel to it too many years later. Oliver Stone seems to go back and forth between quality movies he knows will be successful and experimental films that have proven to be risks (like "Natural Born Killers" and "Alexander"). I won't pretend that I've seen all all of his films by now, or half of them. I can say that I have seen his little-seen, underrated gem "The Hand" from 1981 and enjoy it. I can't blame him for changing things up. But if he's going to try something different again, surely it couldn't be a lot better than this piece of trash?
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