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Don't those three women in Tom's life know abt his religion when they were in relationship with him prior to marriage?can't they realise how it would be,if they marry him?cant katie realise the reason y tom&nicole divorced ? how can u say that he is too much into his religion-is he doin huge campaigning for that or had he done any scientology propaganda film?divorces r vry common among celebs.recent case is johnny depp.Leo dicaprio,George clooney hav been in relationship with numerous women.does that imply something wrong with them/their religion when they brokeup with them? why everybody weirded out abt Tom's religion? It cured his dyslexia thats why he believes in it.everybody believes in some do u feel if atheists weird out abt people who believe in a religion/god(which doesnt exist according to atheists)?do u agree if atheists call theists as nuts?
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