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Never has a thread dealing with divorce brought me so much personal joy. Cheers QUENTIN and Mr.HyDe807

P.S. - I think we should keep the zingers coming.


Seems like for Tom Cruise staying married really is Mission: Impossible.
*Gene Shalit voice*

Well I guess we can bring out the trumpet and play TAPS for this marriage. A Hollywood marriage is a RISKY BUSINESS and if you don't make ALL THE RIGHT MOVES, the significant other will be looking for THE COLOR OF MONEY.

LEGEND has it, John Travolta has his plane all gassed up and ready to go FAR AND AWAY to console Tom. Travolta hopes to have this consolation BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY (this Wednesday) and continue on for at least 5 days. Cruise has reportedly been seen doing exercises to prepare himself for these upcoming 5 DAYS OF THUNDER. Sources say Travolta will keep Cruise "as close as possible" and play friendly games in which Tom will keep his EYES WIDE SHUT while Travolta "jokingly dances nude" to Def Leppards big hit ROCK OF AGES while Tom "playfully tickles John with a MAGNOLIA flower right on his COCKTAIL, or as Tom affectionately calls it....THE FIRM".

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