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Looks good, I'll be checkin' it out, but we all know there's only one true Tall Man in Horror...

I liked Martyrs, but didn't love it. I really enjoyed the first half, thought it was well done and creeped me out, but the second half it just fell apart IMO.

With that said, how can anyone hate Jessica biel!
She was easily the worst part about the Texas Chainsaw remake, and I just cannot stand her! lol! Maybe it's a personal thing, but whenever I see her name on a film roster it turns me off.

I agree that using the title The Tall Man almost makes this come off as a Phantasm remake or something, but clearly this is different enough to separate itself from Coscarilli's classic. It just makes me wonder why they would choose to use such a title, especially for the American release which is The (real) Tall Man's native grounds!
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