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Hmm, someone is claiming that ASM makes SM part 3 a good movie ,now i know i can't take him seriously . The rating is silly also 0/10 . I have to admit the post is funny but nonsensical .

I'm glad the people i normally trust with their opinions are the ones who are impressed with this film although i was convinced a long time ago, just gives me more confidence about it's quality
Same! The people who have been hating on it are just spewing hyperboles, yet the opinions of those who I actually trust line up exactly with my expectations and what I was hoping for from a film of this nature. Now, I've yet to see this film, so perhaps I'll walk out flipping everybody who attended the showing (including myself) for paying to support such a piece of crap, but I'm gonna play Rational Randy here and have an open mind to viewing this.
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