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I believe those who attempt to convert others to their faiths prey on the weak and vulnerable. Be it the Jesuits of centuries past, or theistic parents of an innocent and naive child. Telling someone with basic intellect of a 4 year old about superstition and the powers of chanting is robbing them of the chance and choice to see and discover it for themselves when they are of age to be critically minded.
I don't disagree with that. I do think there are plenty of people with the best of intentions who prosthelytize to young people, but I do think that that's usually done dangerously and poorly.

Prosthelytizing to an adult is a different matter, though. I'm certainly not claiming that religions as an entity don't care about numbers, because large, large factions of them do. But there are also individuals who individually believe something that causes them to prosthelytize and I feel that's a much more respectable position than those who believe in something that could benefit others but don't tell anyone about it.

Reason is the death of any religion.
Reason is why religion can't be empirically proven true. It certainly can invalidate it in your eyes because of your standards for it (all of which are fine), but it doesn't kill it beyond that.
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