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I forgot I started this thread but I'm glad I did because I have an update.

I've been dating a girl for 3 months now and her parents are the biggest hoarders/packrats I have ever seen.

She is like me, where her room is clean and organized and everything is normal.

But the rest of their house is a mess.

They live out in the country and have 2 barns on their property that are packed to the brim with junk as well. You can't even walk in them!

As soon as you walk in their house you are greeted by a room full of crap, only to enter another equally filled room, before you get to the kitchen, which is not so much a kitchen but a room full of junk. Like laundry in piles on the floor, weeks worth of newspapers piled on the table, recently purchased items from you name it still in the bags from the store just sitting on the floor.....

We spend most of our time in her room, where there is semblance of order, but when we aren't we spend it in her living room watching tv/movies, where you have approximately 3 feet of space to move in and that is it. In that room alone there are 3 coffee tables shoved off to the side, piled up with junk, 2 couches completely buried by god-knows-what and 3 TV cabinets that don't contain TV's, just stuff piled up in them held shut by stuff piled up in front of them.

She's told me on multiple occasions that every time she attempts to clean, which is a challenge itself due to never knowing really where to start, almost as soon as she makes progress one of her parents stops her and distracts her and then it just never gets done.

It's really been eye opening to see firsthand just what people can be like and how they live. If I knew it wouldn't rip the family apart (trust me, it would with how they behave towards one another) I'd contact TLC and ask the show to go to their house and help them out.
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