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So rant aside, what was so bad about this film?
Just... everything... The music was horrible. The acting was annoying and horrible from all except Emma Stone and partially Garfield (not that his acting was bad, he was just had an annoying take on Peter.) It had so many of the same plot beats as the first Raimi SM and it never packed as much of a punch. It never felt as genuine or intelligent. Everything seemed amateur and there was no grandeur. The directing sucked. It was stupid. It was just... bad. Everything felt flat. It just wasn't as tight as the first two SM's, way too many little things that just added up to making it suck so hard. The scene I hated the most was all the construction cranes (like there's a crane on the top of every building in New York...), when Peter doesn't shoot his web strong enough and almost dies only to be saved by the metal plank. It was just dumb. It had the same sort of sentiment as the original Raimi SM with the throwing of the trash on the Green Goblin, except way less realistic. I hated how seriously they took it, as if this was to be the realistic take on Spider-Man and Raimi's is a hokey tongue-in-cheek cartoonish take on the super hero when in actuality if you analyze it Raimi's is MORE REALISTIC. The thing that pissed me off the most was that it didn't deviate enough from the 2002 SM plot. From what I understand it was just made for money because Raimi didn't like the SM4 script and told Sony they have to write him a good script for him to direct and they were like... eh, that'll take too long let's just reboot it with one of the shitty origin tales we passed on for David Koepp's Spider-Man back in the late nineties. I would never sit through the entire film again. I just couldn't wait for it to end, and this is coming from a huge SM fan. I thought they totally missed the mark and I hope there's no sequel. I hope it flops. I hope they reboot it again. I hated Marc Webb's directing. I want Raimi back. I want SM4... like... seriously... I don't care how bad SM3 was, it at least had good style. Horrific script, but good style. This has neither. This was a piece of pure shiiiiiite.

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