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Just because you've never seen something doesn't automatically mean it didn't happen. The very few examples of state atheism has shown to be very violent.
Basically what you are suggesting is that a correlation exists between the type of people who do not believe in the fundamentality of an objective transcendental metaphysical being and an amoral predilection towards using the state in a way which abuses human rights. But what you're doing is both a mix of ad ignorantiam and affirming the consequent.

So, for example, I am positing that for the last one hundred years invisible and untraceable infinitely powerful particles called bullshitons, which exist only in pudding, are what allows the sun to continue to exist. Should all the pudding of the world cease to exist, the sun would literally fall out of the sky, killing all life. Prove me wrong, motherfucker.

Now, quite amazingly, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pinochet, and Mugabe do not believe in the existence of these particles in pudding. Therefore, not believing in this is correlated with being a mass murdering fuckhead.
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